Study Questions
Metzger pp. 226-229

  1. What old Greek, Latin, and Syriac manuscripts omit the last twelve verses of Mark?


  2. What is the earliest century that a Greek manuscript contains the short (Metzger says the "intermediate") ending of Mark?


  3. What is the earliest Latin manuscript to contain the short (i.e., "intermediate") ending?


  4. What fifth century manuscripts contain the long ending (i.e., the last twelve verses) of Mark? (You have to compare the tables in the back of your Greek New Testament to answer this one)


  5. What Greek manuscript contains both the short and the long endings of Mark?


  6. What two early church fathers knew of the long ending in the second century?


  7. What Greek manuscript contains an addition after verse 14?


  8. On what basis does Metzger say that the long ending must be judged to be secondary?


  9. What is the stylistic problem with ending Mark's gospel with verse 8?

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