Study Questions
Metzger pp. 36-40

  1. What are the three catagories of Greek manuscipts?

  2. Whose system of numbering manuscripts is usually used?

  3. What are the four basic types of text named?

  4. What are two of the most important collections of papyrus manuscripts?

  5. What books did manuscript p45 originally contain?

  6. What type of text is manuscript p45 usually associated with?

  7. What books did manuscript p46 originally contain?

  8. What type of text is manuscript p46 closest to?

  9. What book does manuscript p47 contain?

  10. What papyrus is the oldest copy of any known New Testament manuscript today? How old is it?

  11. What book does manuscript p66 contain? What is its date of writing?

  12. What New Testament books does manuscript p72 contain?

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