2 Samuel

  1. Who came to David claiming to have killed Saul? What proof did he bring? (chap. 1)


  2. What "reward" did David give the man discussed above who brought this news of Saul's death? (chap. 1)


  3. How did Ish-bosheth die? (chap. 4)


  4. What sound was David to wait for before he attacked the Philistines? (chap. 5)


  5. Why did Uzzah die? (chap. 6)


  6. Where did David leave the ark? (chap. 6)


  7. What did David do before the Lord that made Michal despise him? (chap. 6)


  8. What promise did God give David through the prophet Nathan? (chap. 7)


  9. How did Hanun embarrass David's servants sent to console him? (chap. 10)


  10. How many times did David try to get Uriah to go to his house to his wife? Why did Uriah say he wouldn't do it? (chap. 11)


  11. What two things did the prophet Nathan tell David that he had done that was evil in God's sight? (don't do this one from memory; look at the text or you will get it wrong! chap. 12)

  12. What was David's reply to Nathan? What words of encouragement and punishment did Nathan give him in response? (chap. 12)


  13. Why did David say that he rose and ate when his child died? (chap. 12)


  14. Who raped David's daughter Tamar? Who avenged her rape and how? (chap. 13)


  15. What did Absalom do to steal the hearts of the people of Israel away from David? (chap. 15)


  16. What was the ultimate reason why people thought that Hushai's counsel was better than Ahithophel's? (chap. 17)


  17. What did Ahithophel do in response? (chap. 17)


  18. How was Absalom caught so that Joab could kill him? (chap. 18)


  19. How did David react to Absalom's death? (chap. 18)


  20. Who was the first of the Benjaminites to welcome David back? What did Abishai want to do to him and why? (chap. 19)


  21. Who saved the city of Abel from destruction by Joab? How was it done? (chap. 20)


  22. What did David do that caused the Lord to bring a pestilence on the Israelites in which 70,000 died? (chap. 24)


  23. From whom did David want to buy a site to offer burnt offerings to God? What kind of site was it? (chap. 24)


  24. What kind of burnt offerings did David say that he would not offer to the Lord? (chap. 24)


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