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1 and 2 Chronicles

  1. What does the book of I Chronicles begin with that continues for several chapters?


  2. To which of his sons did Israel give the birthright? (1 Chron. 5)


  3. To what tribe did Samuel belong? (1 Chron. 6)


  4. What prophet told David that God did not want him to build a house of cedar for Him? Who would build the house? (1 Chron. 17)


  5. Who according to the Chronicler incited David to number Israel? (1 Chron. 21)


  6. Into how many groups did David organize the priests? (1 Chron. 24)


  7. How long did David reign over Israel? In what cities? (1 Chron. 29)


  8. On what mountain was the temple built? (2 Chron. 3) Where was the tabernacle located at that time? (2 Chron. 1)


  9. What size was the army of the Ethiopians which Asa defeated with God's help? (2 Chron. 14)


  10. What did the army under Jehoshaphat approach the Ammonites, Moabites, and Edomites doing? (2 Chron. 20)


  11. What was Uzziah trying to do when he was struck with leprosy in his forehead? (2 Chron. 26)


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