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  1. What were the Israelites told to circumcise in chap. 10?


  2. What statement about the poor from chapter 15 did Jesus repeat shortly before he died?


  3. For how long were the Israelites to eat the Passover with unleavened bread? (chap. 16)


  4. How many witnesses did it take to put someone to death? Who should be first to kill them? (chap. 17)


  5. What kind of prophet was God going to raise up in the future? (chap. 18)


  6. What was the first-born to receive? (chap. 21)


  7. What was the maximum number of stripes that could be given to a man being punished? (chap. 25)


  8. What was a person who did not do all the words of the law? (chap. 27)


  9. How old was Moses when he commissioned Joshua? (chap. 31)


  10. On what mountain did Moses view the land and die? What was the name of the peak on the mountain? What city was it across the Jordan from? (chap. 34)


  11. Where was Moses buried? Who buried him? (chap. 34)


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