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Moses and the Exodus
Exodus 1-15

  1. From what tribe was Moses?


  2. Who nursed Moses as a child? Whose son was he known as?


  3. Who did Moses marry? How many sisters did she have?


  4. By what two names did God reveal Himself to Moses? (check Study Bible notes for the true second name-extra credit)


  5. What were the names of the four sons of Aaron?


  6. How old were Moses and Aaron when they spoke to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go?


  7. What was the final plague that God sent on the Egyptians?


  8. How many Israelite men left Egypt?


  9. For how many days were the Israelites to eat unleavened bread?


  10. What kept the Egyptians from attacking the Israelites while the Israelites were crossing the Red Sea?


  11. Who led the Israelite women in song after the Egyptians perished?


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