1. In what ways were the four living creatures of Ezekiel 1 and 10 like and unlike human beings?


  2. What was the outcome for Ezekiel as watchman and the people who repented and didn't repent? (chap. 3; cf. 33)


  3. What were the four kinds of idolatry that were going on in the temple at Jerusalem? (chap. 8)


  4. What was God's reaction to the idolatry in the temple? (chaps. 10, 11)


  5. What proverb were people saying that God says He will put an end to? (chap. 12)


  6. What are the sources for the messages of the false prophets? (chap. 13)


  7. What were the sins which brought about the destruction of Sodom? (chap. 16)


  8. What is the relationship between a father and son's sins and righteous lives and responsibility for each? (chap. 18)


  9. Why were the sabbaths given to Israel in the wilderness? (chap. 20)


  10. What were the names of the two prostitutes who metaphorically stood for Samaria and Jerusalem? (chap. 23)


  11. Who close to Ezekiel died? What was Ezekiel's response as God had commanded? (chap. 24)


  12. What evidence do you see in chapter 28 that would indicate that Ezekiel was prophesying about a man and not the devil?


  13. When Pharaoh king of Egypt was destroyed by the king of Babylon, what did God say would happen to the sun, moon, and stars? (chap. 32)


  14. What does God not have pleasure in? What will not deliver or save a righteous man when he sins and transgresses? (chap. 33)


  15. On what day was Ezekiel told that Jerusalem had fallen? What happened to Ezekiel on that day? (chap. 33)


  16. What did the Israelites show with their mouths? What was their heart set on or full of? (chap. 33)


  17. What was Ezekiel like to the Israelites after Jerusalem fell? (chap. 33)


  18. Why was God upset with the shepherds of His people in chapter 34? What was His solution to the problem?


  19. What does God say He will put in His people when He gives them a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone? (chap. 36)


  20. What is the main point of the vision of the Valley of Dry Bones in chapter 37? What is a second lesson that might be drawn from it?


  21. What do each of the sticks and the joining of them in chapter 37 represent?


  22. How does chapter 38 reveal that Gog and the armies of Magog would be destroyed?


  23. How does chapter 43 contrast with the vision in chapters 10 and 11?


  24. In what ways is the city in Ezekiel's vision in chapters 47 and 48 like John's vision of the city in Revelation 21-22?


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