Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

  1. Why did Cyrus the king command for the Israelites to return to their homeland? (the ultimate reason) (Ezra 1)


  2. How many temple vessels of gold and silver did the exiles bring back to Israel with them? (Ezra 1)


  3. Who discouraged the Jews from rebuilding the temple? (Ezra 4)


  4. Until when did construction on rebuilding the temple stop? (Ezra 4)


  5. Who discouraged the Jews from rebuilding the walls in the days of Artaxerxes? (Ezra 4)


  6. What did King Darius say should happen to anyone who altered his edict to rebuild the temple? (Ezra 6)


  7. Why did Ezra proclaim a fast at the river Ahava before returning to the land of Israel? (Ezra 8)


  8. How high did Ezra tell God in his prayer that the people's guilt had piled up? (Ezra 9)


  9. What did Ezra have the people do with their foreign wives? (Ezra 10)


  10. When Nehemiah heard about the walls of Jerusalem, what did he tell God in prayer about the sins of Israel? (Neh. 1)


  11. What did Nehemiah tell the Jewish officials about God? (Neh. 2)


  12. What did Sanballat and Tobiah first do when they heard that the Jews were rebuilding the walls? (Neh. 4)


  13. When the peoples around the Jews became angry and decided to fight against Jerusalem, what two things did the Jews do? (Neh. 4)


  14. What were the Jews in Palestine doing that was hurting the Jews in the exile and that Nehemiah wanted to stop? (Neh. 5)


  15. When Sanballat and Geshem wanted to meet Nehemiah in the plain of Ono, what did Nehemiah reply? (Neh. 6)


  16. When Ezra read from the book of the law, what did the Levites do to help and why? (Neh. 8)


  17. Since when had the Israelites not celebrated the Feast of Booths like they did in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah? (Neh. 8)


  18. What languages were half the children from mixed marriages speaking? (Neh. 13)


  19. What did King Ahasuerus want Queen Vashti to do and why? (Esther 1)


  20. What bad result of Queen Vashti's refusal did Memucan foresee? (Esther 1)


  21. What did Esther take with her when she left to go in to the king? (Esther 2)


  22. Why did Mordecai tell Esther that she had come to the kingdom? (Esther 4)


  23. After Haman honored Mordecai, leading him around town on the king's horse, how did he return to his house? (Esther 6)


  24. On the second feast day, when Haman pled with Esther for his life, what did the King accuse him of trying to do in his own house? (Esther 7)


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