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Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

  1. What king commanded for the Israelites to return to their homeland? (Ezra 1)


  2. What two men led in rebuilding the altar on the temple site? (Ezra 3)


  3. What prophets encouraged the people to begin rebuilding the temple? (Ezra 5)


  4. What Persian king allowed Ezra to return to Israel? (Ezra 7)


  5. When the king asked Nehemiah what his request was, what did Nehemiah do? (Neh. 2)


  6. Where did Shemaiah want Nehemiah to hide for safety? (Neh. 6)


  7. What blood relationship was Esther to Mordecai? In what relationship had he raised her? (Esther 2)


  8. What did Mordecai refuse to do that made Haman furious? (Esther 3)


  9. Who did Esther invite to her banquet? (Esther 5)


  10. On what was Haman hung? (Esther 7)


  11. On what days were the feast of Purim to be celebrated? (Esther 9)


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