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Creation, Fall, Flood, and Tower of Babel
Genesis 1-11

  1. On how many days did God work creating the world?


  2. What were the names of the first man and woman?


  3. What did God do on the seventh day?


  4. Who tempted the woman to sin? Who tempted the man?
  5. What was the name of the first murderer? Who was the first person murdered? What was their relationship?
  6. What child did Eve see as a replacement for Abel?


  7. Who built an ark to be saved from the flood?


  8. How many people were saved from the flood?


  9. For how many days did it rain? How many days did the flood waters prevail?


  10. What was the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah?


  11. At what place did people try to build a tower up to heaven?


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