Hosea to Micah

  1. What did God tell Hosea to name his children and why? (Hosea 1)


  2. What did Hosea pay to get Gomer back? Under what agreement did Hosea take Gomer back? (Hosea 3)


  3. In the context of Hosea 11, who is the son that God called out of Egypt? Thought question: What is a little strange about this metaphor in the book of Hosea?


  4. What questions that Paul quotes are asked of death and Sheol? (Hosea 13)


  5. What four kinds of locust were invading the land? (Joel 1)


  6. What passage from Joel does Peter quote on the day of Pentecost? (Joel 2)


  7. What does Joel say that is the opposite of Isaiah 2 and Micah 4? (Joel 3) What is the difference?


  8. What imagery from Joel 3 gets picked up in the book of Revelation?


  9. What metaphor does God use to describe the women of Samaria? Why was God upset with them? (Amos 4)


  10. What did God want Israel to prepare for? (Amos 4)


  11. What parable is given to show that there will be no escape from the day of the Lord? (Amos 5)


  12. What was God's attitude toward feast, sacrifices, and songs? (Amos 5)


  13. Why was God upset over those at ease in Zion? (Amos 6)


  14. What answer did Amos give Amaziah when he wanted him to stop prophesying in Israel? (Amos 7)


  15. Why did the Israelites want the Sabbath to be over? (Amos 8)


  16. What had deceived the Edomites and why? (Obadiah)


  17. What had the Edomites done against the Israelites? What was to happen to them as a result? (Obadiah)


  18. How did Jonah try to avoid obeying God? (Jonah 1)


  19. What was the spiritual result of the sailors throwing Jonah off the ship? (Jonah 1)


  20. What was the result of Jonah's preaching in Nineveh: a) as far as the people were concerned? b) as far as God was concerned? (Jonah 3)


  21. What reason did Jonah give for fleeing to Tarshish? (Jonah 4)


  22. The Isaiah 2 parallel: (Micah 4)
    1. When shall the mountain of the house of the Lord be established?
    2. What shall the nations/Gentiles do?
    3. Where shall the law/word of the Lord go out from?
    4. Into what shall men make swords and spears?

  23. Rather than sacrifices, what does the Lord require of people? (Micah 6)


  24. What kind of rivalries will arise in a household? Along what lines are they all formed? (Micah 7)


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