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Hosea to Micah

  1. What was Gomer when Hosea married her? (Hosea 1)


  2. Why were God's people destroyed? (Hosea 4)


  3. What does God desire rather than sacrifice? (Hosea 6)


  4. Upon whom would God pour out His Spirit in the future? (Joel 2)


  5. What does a shepherd rescue from the lion's mouth? (Amos 3)


  6. To what does Amos compare justice and righteousness? (Amos 5)


  7. What was God going to restore in the future that James quoted in the book of Acts? (Amos 9)


  8. What country is the short prophecy of Obadiah directed against?


  9. Where did Jonah try to flee to in order to escape God? (Jonah 1)


  10. From where did Micah say the law would go forth? (Micah 4)


  11. From what city would the future ruler in Israel come? (Micah 5)


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