Isaac and Jacob
Genesis 24-35

  1. Where did Abraham want his servant to take a wife for Isaac from? From whom did he not want him to take a wife? (chap. 24)


  2. What sign did the servant ask God for in helping to choose a wife for Isaac? (chap. 24)


  3. What was Rebekah told about her sons that Paul quotes in Romans 9? (chap. 25)


  4. How old was Isaac when Esau and Jacob were born? How old was Abraham? (chap. 25)


  5. For what did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob? (chap. 25)


  6. How did Abimelech discover that Rebekah was not Isaac's sister? What was her blood relationship to him? (chap. 26)


  7. What physical characteristic did Esau have that blind Isaac tried to identify him? (chap. 27)


  8. What did the blessing of Isaac give Jacob as regards land, his brothers, and cursing? (chap. 27)


  9. What did the blessing of Isaac give Esau as regards his brother? (chap. 27)


  10. Where did Isaac tell Jacob to go to find a wife and from whose daughters? (chap. 28)


  11. What did Jacob see going up to heaven in his dream? Who were on it? (chap. 28)


  12. What did Jacob promise to give God if He would be with him? (chap. 28)


  13. What did Jacob do for Laban's sheep when he first met Rachel? What did he do to Rachel? (chap. 29)


  14. For how many years did Jacob agree to work for Rachel's hand in marriage? How many years did he end up working to get her? (chap. 29)


  15. What were the names of Leah's last two sons and her daughter? (chap. 30)


  16. After his sons were born, what did Jacob agree to continue to work for Laban for? (chap. 30)


  17. With whom does Genesis say that Jacob wrestled? Who did Jacob interpret this to be? With whom does Hosea 12:4 say that Jacob wrestled? (chap. 32)


  18. What did Esau do to Jacob when they met? (chap. 33)


  19. What did Shechem do to Dinah? (chap. 34)


  20. What did Dinah's brothers tell Shechem he would have to do to marry Dinah? (chap. 34)


  21. What did Dinah's brothers do to Shechem, and why were they able to do it so easily? (chap. 34)


  22. Where did Rachel die? (chap. 35)


  23. What did Rachel name her last son? What did Jacob name him? (chap. 35)


  24. What did Reuben do that later lost him his birthright? (chap. 35)


Be prepared on the exam to name the twelve sons of Jacob.

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