1. What does God not take pleasure or delight in? (chap. 1)


  2. When would the mountain of the Lord's house be established? (chap. 2)


  3. On whom all does Isaiah pronounce woes? (chap. 5)


  4. Describe the scene in the vision Isaiah had in the year that king Uzziah died? (chap. 6)


  5. After Isaiah's sins were forgiven, what did Isaiah tell God? (chap. 6)


  6. What sign did Isaiah say that God was going to give Ahaz anyway, even though he refused to ask for a sign? (chap. 7)


  7. What was the meaning of Isaiah's son's name, Maher-shalal-hashbaz? (chap. 8)


  8. What did God say would happen before Maher-shalal-hashbaz learned how to talk? (chap. 8)


  9. What names would be given to the child who would be born to rule on David's throne? (chap. 9)


  10. What was the difference between the way God saw the king of Assyria and the way the king saw himself? (chap. 10)


  11. How does Isaiah describe the One who was to be decended from Jesse? (chap. 11)


  12. To what historical event was the language about the sun, moon, and stars being darkened referring? (chap. 13)


  13. What evidence in Isaiah 14 do you see that the one called Day Star or Morning Star was a man and not the devil?


  14. What had God planned from long ago about the king of Assyria? What did God do to the king of Assyria to protect Jerusalem? (chap. 37)


  15. What prayer of Hezekiah's did God answer in Isaiah 38?


  16. What was to be prepared in the wilderness? (chap. 40)


  17. What will God's servant not do? (chap. 42)


  18. Why did God not create the world an empty chaos? (chap. 45)


  19. What is one problem with astrology? (chap. 47)


  20. What was the physical appearance of God's servant? (chap. 53)


  21. Why was God's servant to suffer? (chap. 53)


  22. With what animal and in what circumstance was God's servant compared? (chap. 53)


  23. What promise made in Isaiah gets repeated in II Peter and Revelation in the New Testament? (chap. 65)


  24. What kind of person does God value? (chap. 66)


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