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  1. What did the vineyard of the beloved yield? (chap. 5)


  2. Who had seen a great light? (chap. 9)


  3. What will happen to death when God wipes away all tears? (chap. 25)


  4. When a sealed book is given to a literate man to read, what does he say? What does an illiterate man say? (chap. 29)


  5. To what country were those who relied on horses looking for help? (chap. 31)


  6. What does a carpenter make from the half of the wood that he doesn't burn in the fire? (chap. 44)


  7. What pagan king does God call His shepherd and His anointed? (chaps. 44-45)


  8. To whom was God's servant to be a light? (chap. 49)


  9. What body part is beautiful of those who bring good tidings? (chap. 52)


  10. What causes a separation between God and His people? (chap. 59)


  11. What are all our righteous deeds and acts like? (chap. 64)


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