1. When did God first know Jeremiah? (chap. 1)


  2. What did Israel want God to do to them that He had commanded the Israelites in Deut. 24 not to do? (chap. 3)


  3. What were the prophets and priests saying since they did not treat Israel's wound as if it were serious? (chap. 6, 8)


  4. To what extent were the Israelites not ashamed? (chap. 6, 8)


  5. What were the people doing that God had not commanded, in fact, He had never thought of commanding? (chap. 7)


  6. For what was Gilead famous? (chap. 8)


  7. What should a person boast and not boast about? (chap. 9)


  8. Why should the Israelites not be dismayed at the signs in the heavens like the nations around them were? (chap. 10)


  9. How does God describe idols? (chap. 10)


  10. Why did God say the shepherds were stupid? (chap. 10)


  11. What is not in man himself? (chap. 10)


  12. What question does Jeremiah wrestle with that Job before him had also wondered about? (chap. 12)


  13. What two analogies are used to show how difficult it is to do good once one has grown accustomed to doing evil? (chap. 13)


  14. Where do false prophets get their message? (chap. 14)


  15. What curse and blessing are given in Jeremiah 17?


  16. What is God's assessment of the human heart? (chap. 17)


  17. In what way is prophecy conditional? (chap. 18)


  18. From what sources do false prophets get their messages? (chap. 23)


  19. What is the test for a prophet who prophecies peace? (chap. 28)


  20. Why did Jeremiah write to the exiles that they should seek the welfare of the city where they were? (chap. 29)


  21. What evidence do you see in Jeremiah 31 that the law of Moses was going to be replaced?


  22. Who wrote down the words of Jeremiah on a scroll? (chap. 36)


  23. What did King Jehoiakim do with the scroll containing the words of Jeremiah? (chap. 36)


  24. Where did God tell Jeremiah that the people were not to go? (chap. 42)


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