The Book of Job

  1. In what condition did Job say that he was both born and would die? (chap. 1)


  2. How long did Job's three friends sit with him in silence? (chap. 2)


  3. Who or what did Job curse? (chap. 3)


  4. When did Job wish he had died? (chap. 3)


  5. How sure was Eliphaz that man is born for trouble? (chap. 5)


  6. Whom did Eliphaz say that God catches in their own craftiness? (chap. 5)


  7. What question did Job begin his answer to Bildad with that applies even to Christians today? (chap. 9)


  8. What did Job complain would be the problem if he were to take God to a court of law? (chap. 9)


  9. When did Job wish that he had died? (chap. 10)


  10. What did Job say would die when his friends died? (chap. 12)


  11. How did Job characterize man that is born of woman? (chap. 14)


  12. What question did Job wonder about if a man dies? (chap. 14)


  13. How did Job say that he could speak if his friends were in his place? (chap. 16)


  14. By what did Job say that he has escaped? (chap. 19)


  15. What did Job reply happens to the wicked? How does this show his innocence? (chap. 21)


  16. What did Eliphaz say that God does to the proud and to the lowly or humble? (chap. 22)


  17. In chapter 22, of what sins did Eliphaz claim that Job is guilty?


  18. What did Job say is hidden that man can find? What is hidden that man cannot find? (chap. 28)


  19. What definition of wisdom and understanding is given in chapter 28?


  20. What righteous deeds did Job claim to have performed in chapter 29?


  21. What position of leadership did Job hold? (chap. 29)


  22. In chapter 31, what sins does Job claim that he has NOT committed?


  23. What does Elihu say would happen if God should take back His Spirit? (chap. 34)


  24. What two unidentified animals does God say have no equal? (chaps. 40-41)


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