Joseph and Judah
Genesis 37-50

  1. What had bowed down to Joseph in his dreams? Who did they represent? (chap. 37)


  2. To whom did Joseph's brothers sell him? (chap. 37)


  3. What did Joseph's brothers do with his special robe? (chap. 37)


  4. What did Onan do that displeased God? (chap. 38)


  5. How did Tamar dress that made Judah think that she was a prostitute? (chap. 38)


  6. What were the names of Judah's children through Tamar? (chap. 38) According to Matthew, which one was Jesus descended from?


  7. How did Joseph keep from committing adultery:
    1. on a day by day basis? (chap. 39)


    2. in a crisis situation? (chap. 39)


  8. What did the three vine branches and the three bread baskets represent in the two dreams that Joseph interpreted? (chap. 40)


  9. What happened to the good cows in Pharaoh's dream? (chap. 41)


  10. Why did Pharaoh have two dreams with the same meaning? (chap. 41)


  11. What caused Joseph to remember the dreams he had as a boy? (chap. 42)


  12. Which brother had to stay in prison? (chap. 42)


  13. Which brother convinced Jacob to let Benjamin go with them to Egypt? (chap. 43)


  14. Why were three separate tables set up at the meal at Joseph's house? (chap. 43)


  15. What did Joseph have his steward put in:
    1. all the sacks of his brothers? (chap. 44)


    2. his brother Benjamin's sack? (chap. 44)


  16. Which brother tried to convince Joseph to let him take Benjamin's place? (chap. 44)


  17. Who was in the room when Joseph made himself known to his brothers? (chap. 45)


  18. What divine purpose did Joseph see in his brothers' selling him into Egypt? (chap. 45)


  19. What admonition did Joseph give his brothers when they went back to tell their father that Joseph was still alive? (chap. 45)


  20. On what did Jacob travel to Egypt? (chap. 46)


  21. What percent tax of the harvest did Joseph lay on the Egyptians to go to Pharaoh? (chap. 47)


  22. Who did Jacob adopt as his own sons? Which did Jacob say would be greater? (chap. 48)


  23. Which son of Jacob did he prophesy would have the ruler in his tribe when he blessed them? (chap. 49)


  24. After their father died, what did Joseph tell his brothers that God's intention in selling Joseph to Egypt was? (chap. 50)


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