Judges and Ruth

  1. List the stages of the cycle repeated throughout Judges (2):
    1. Israel
    2. God
    3. Their enemies
    4. God
    5. Israel
    6. The judge

  2. Who did Ehud kill and with what? (Judges 3)


  3. Why was Ehud allowed to escape? (Judges 3)


  4. Who was judging Israel in the time of Barak? (Judges 4)


  5. Who killed Sisera, the commander of the Canaanite army, and with what? (Judges 4)


  6. In what kind of place was Gideon threshing grain when the angel of the LORD appeared to him? (Judges 6)


  7. What question did Gideon ask when he was told that the LORD was with him? (Judges 6)


  8. What did Gideon do to the altar of Baal in his home town? What other name was he given because of this? (Judges 6)


  9. What three signs did God give Gideon to reassure him that He would be with him in the battle against the Midianites? (Judges 6-7)

  10. What did the men who were chosen to fight the Midianites do by the side of the river? How many were chosen? (not NRSV: Judges 7)


  11. What did Gideon's men do to start the battle with the Midianites? (Judges 7)


  12. Which of Gideon's sons became king of Shechem? (Judges 9)


  13. For how long a time did Jephthah say that Israel had held the cities on the Arnon? (Judges 11)


  14. What vow did Jephthah take before God if God would let him win the battle? Who did it turn out to be against? (Judges 11)


  15. What restrictions did the angel tell Samson's mother that he was to observe? (Judges 13)


  16. What was the answer to Samson's riddle at the wedding feast? (Judges 14)


  17. What did Samson do when he learned that his bride had been given to the best man as wife? (Judges 15)


  18. How many Philistines did Samson kill at Lehi? With what instrument? (Judges 15)


  19. How did Samson die? How many Philistines died at the same time? Who had betrayed him? (Judges 16)


  20. What was the name of the young man whom Micah made his priest? Who were his ancestors? (Judges 18)


  21. From what did the Levite's concubine die? (Judges 19)


  22. How many Benjaminites were left alive? (Judges 20)


  23. What new name did Naomi adopt and what did it mean? (Ruth 1)


  24. What did Naomi tell Ruth to do to Boaz? (Ruth 3)


  25. How did one confirm a transaction in the days of Ruth and Boaz? (Ruth 4)


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