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Law and Tabernacle
Exodus 16-40

  1. What kind of meat did God provide for the Israelites?


  2. What does the word 'manna' mean?


  3. What were the names of Moses' father-in-law, wife, and two sons?


  4. At what mountain were the Ten Commandments given?


  5. What was the penalty for seducing an unbetrothed virgin?


  6. How much interest could Israelites charge fellow Israelites on a loan?


  7. What three feasts were all males commanded to attend?


  8. What two rooms did the veil or curtain separate in the tabernacle?


  9. What two items were put in the breastplate of judgment that was worn by the high priest?


  10. What commandment in chapter 34 is the basis for the modern-day practice of Jews having four sets of dishes?


  11. What two men did God give ability to so that they could build the tabernacle? With what was the first one filled?


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