Nahum to Malachi

  1. What two contrasting aspects of God's nature do you see in Nahum 1? Toward whom are these aspects each directed?


  2. In a nutshell, what is Habakkuk's first question and God's answer to it? (Habakkuk 1)


  3. In a nutshell, what is Habakkuk's second question and God's answer to it? (Habakkuk 1, 2)


  4. What does Habakkuk say in chapter 2 that the earth will be filled with?


  5. Why should the earth keep silent before God? (Habakkuk 2)


  6. What great statement of faith does Habakkuk make toward the end of chapter 3?


  7. What will God do to people who say that He does neither good or ill? (Zephaniah 1)


  8. What three things does Zephaniah say that Israel should seek and why? (Zephaniah 2)


  9. What had been happening to the Jews while they concentrated on building their own houses instead of building God's house? (Haggai 1)


  10. How did the Jews who had seen the former temple view the new one? What does God promise in this regard? (Haggai 2)


  11. How did holy and unclean foods affect one another? (Haggai 2)


  12. What did the vision of the four horsemen among the myrtle trees mean? (Zechariah 1)


  13. In what ways was the high priest Joshua (Jeshua) a type of the coming Branch? (Zechariah 3, 6)


  14. What are the first two questions that God gives in reply to the question about continuing the fast of the fifth month to commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem? (Zechariah 7)


  15. What indication in Zechariah 8 do you see that the knowledge of God was going to spread from the Jews to every nation?


  16. How would the coming king enter Jerusalem? (Zechariah 9)


  17. What was the significance of Zechariah breaking each of his two shepherd staffs? (Zechariah 11)


  18. What was the price at which Zechariah was paid off for being shepherd? In what two ways was what Zechariah did with the money fulfilled in the life of Christ? (Zechariah 11; one answer in the text and one in the footnotes)


  19. What possible references to Christ do you see in Zechariah 12?


  20. What will it be like when the Lord comes with all His holy ones? (Zechariah 14)


  21. How had the priests despised the name of the Lord? Whom did God say they would not treat the way they treat God? (Malachi 1)


  22. What is God's attitude toward divorce? Why? (Malachi 2)


  23. How can a person rob God? (Malachi 3)


  24. What two promises of sending someone does God make? (Malachi 3, 4)


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