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Nahum to Malachi

  1. Against whom is the prophecy of Nahum directed? (Nahum 1)


  2. What was Habakkuk to do with the vision he had? (Habakkuk 2)


  3. By what shall the righteous live? (Habakkuk 2)


  4. What does Habakkuk say that God makes his feet like? (Habakkuk 3)


  5. What had the Jews been busy building instead of the temple? (Haggai 1)


  6. To Whom does God say that silver and gold belong? (Haggai 2)


  7. With what was Joshua (Jeshua) the high priest clothed when he first stood before God? Who accused him? (Zechariah 3)


  8. By what was the rebuilding of the temple to be accomplished if not by might nor by power? (Zechariah 4)


  9. At what time should one pray for rain to God? (Zechariah 10)


  10. What did a man make with the wife of his youth that the Lord is a witness to? (Malachi 2)


  11. Who was God going to send to turn the hearts of families toward each other? (Malachi 4)


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