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  1. If a person had leprosy, where was that person to live? (chap. 5)


  2. Who served as a guide in the wilderness for the Israelites? (chap. 10)


  3. On how many elders of Israel did God place some of his Spirit? Who prophesied in the camp? (chap. 11)


  4. How many spies were sent out to survey the land of Canaan? Who among them brought back a good report? (chap. 13)


  5. How did the households of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram die? (chap. 16)


  6. How did the 250 men including Korah offering incense die? (chap. 16)


  7. Who was to receive the tithes of the Israelites? To whom were they to pay tithes? (chap. 18)


  8. From what animal's ashes was the water of impurity that was to be sprinkled made? (chap. 19)


  9. Why was God not pleased with Moses when he struck the rock? (chap. 20)


  10. Who spoke to Balaam that is surprising? What did Balaam see after this happened? (chap. 22)


  11. How many times did Balaam bless the Israelites? (chap. 24)


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