Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

  1. Where does wisdom come from? (Prov. 2)


  2. What advice does Solomon give about going surety for someone? (Prov. 6)


  3. What are seven things that God hates? (Prov. 6)


  4. When was wisdom created? (Prov. 8)


  5. Who, when she has no discretion, is like a gold ring in a pig's snout? (Prov. 11)


  6. Who ignores or overlooks an insult? (Prov. 12)


  7. What attitude does one who fails to discipline his children have? (Prov. 13)


  8. What is the end result of a certain way that seems right to a person? (Prov. 14)


  9. Whose prayer does God hear? (Prov. 15)


  10. How does one go about establishing his plans so they will succeed? (Prov. 16)


  11. What attitude is good medicine? (Prov. 17)


  12. How does training a person when he is a child affect him? (Prov. 22)


  13. Who has woe, sorrow, strife, complaining, bruises, and red eyes? (Prov. 23)


  14. How should one answer a fool? (Prov. 26)


  15. What will the person who blesses his neighbor early in the morning with a loud voice be counted as doing? (Prov. 27)


  16. What sharpens a person? (Prov. 27)


  17. What fate do men and animals share? (Eccl. 3)


  18. What admonition about vows does the Preacher give? (Eccl. 5)


  19. What does the Preacher think that it is good for a man to do? (Eccl. 2, 5, 8, 9)


  20. What lack in society causes people to set their hearts on doing evil and committing crimes? (Eccl. 8)


  21. What happens when a person throws his bread on the waters? (Eccl. 11)


  22. What makes a person weary? (Eccl. 12)


  23. What is the whole duty of man? (Eccl. 12)


  24. What does the beloved say that the lover's kisses are better than? (Song 1)


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