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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

  1. What is the beginning of knowledge? (Prov. 1)


  2. How must one gather money in order to make it grow? (Prov. 13)


  3. What is it that exalts a nation? (Prov. 14)


  4. Who is slave to a lender? (Prov. 22)


  5. If you help your enemy, what are you heaping on his head? (Prov. 25)


  6. What did Lemuel's mother say was vain or fleeting in a woman? (Prov. 31)


  7. What does the Preacher say that everything is? (Eccl. 1)


  8. What does the Preacher say is new under the sun? (Eccl. 1)


  9. What does the Preacher say is better than laughter? (Eccl. 7)


  10. When does the Preacher say that one should remember the Creator? (Eccl. 12)


  11. What banner has the lover put over the beloved? (Song 2)


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