1. In the second psalm, how did the LORD tell His Son that He should treat the nations?


  2. What rule does Paul quote from the fourth Psalm in the book of Ephesians?


  3. What does the fool say in his heart? (Psalm 14)


  4. What passage in the sixteenth Psalm is quoted by the apostles to prove the resurrection of Christ?


  5. In the twenty-seventh Psalm, why does the psalmist say that he will not be afraid?


  6. What concept does Jesus take from the thirty-seventh Psalm in creating the Beatitudes?


  7. What does the psalmist say in the thirty-seventh Psalm that one will not see in a lifetime?


  8. In the fortieth psalm, what does the psalmist say that God wants rather than sacrifices and offerings?


  9. Who is there who does good? (Psalm 53)


  10. In the sixty-second Psalm, what does the psalmist admonish the one whose riches increase?


  11. In the sixty-ninth psalm, what did the psalmist say had consumed him? (applied to Jesus in the New Testament)


  12. If Asaph had voiced his thoughts that the wicked get away with sin, to whom would he have been untrue? (Psalm 73)


  13. In the seventy-third Psalm, when did the psalmist come to understand that all was not well with the prosperous wicked?


  14. What exalted term did God call the judges of Israel that gets quoted by Jesus in the New Testament? (Psalm 82)


  15. What does the psalmist in the eighty-fourth Psalm say that one day in God's courts is better than?


  16. How does the psalmist in the ninetieth Psalm describe a thousand years as far as God is concerned?


  17. How long does an average person live? A strong person? (Psalm 90)


  18. What verses from the ninety-first Psalm does the devil quote in tempting Jesus?


  19. With what does the psalmist say that God's people should enter His gates? (Psalm 100)


  20. In Psalm 101, what does the psalmist say he will not set before his eyes?


  21. In Psalm 106, to whom does the psalmist say that the people were sacrificing their sons and daughters when they sacrificed them to the idols of Canaan?


  22. Which is the shortest psalm in the book of Psalms? Which is the longest psalm?


  23. In what country did the Israelites not feel like singing? (Psalm 137)


  24. In Psalm 144, what two similes are used to describe the length of a person's life?


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