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Student Workers

Many of the pages that contain the name of Bruce Terry as maintainer have been coded by Ben Cheek and Paul Rennix.

Web Sites

  1. A number of forms on this site operate using cgiemail from MIT available from
  2. The access counter on several pages of this site was developed by Muhammad A Muquit and is available from
  3. The guest book has been modified from the one created by Matt Wright and found at Matt's Script Archive
  4. The search engine uses Lycos which maintains a database of all words on every page on the web and is found at
  5. The translation function on the home page uses Babel Fish from Alta Vista at
  6. The statistics for the home page are computed by Site Meter at
  7. Some animated GIF's at this site have come from Barry's Clip Art Site.
  8. The CIA World Factbook Site has provided excellent up-to-date political maps.

Software Developers

A number of commercial products have been used in developing this web site; however, there have also been a number of freeware software programs used in the developing and testing of this site, including: FreeZip, Tera Term Pro, Super NoteTab, Irfan View32, Map This, WS_FTP LE, S&RHTML, ExamDiff, ZoneAlarm, Netscape Navigator 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0, Mosaic 2.1.1, Mosaic 3.0, and WinLynx 2.8.

[View This Site With Any Browser] [Use Any Browser] This site has been tested in multiple browsers to be as accessible as possible for internet users around the world. Although it contains some features that are best viewed in more advanced browsers such as Netscape Navigator or greater and Internet Explorer, such features (including JavaScript) are mainly for cosmetic purposes, and the site has been optimized to be viewed also in text browsers such as Lynx. [No Java or Cookies] To enhance speed, the site does not contain Java or "Cookies." Information on programming tips and browser quirks is available.

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