Jesus in the Form of God
(tune: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas)


Jesus in the form of God
To this He did not hold
Though He was equal to God
He emptied out His soul.

He took the form of a slave
And became like a man
He humbled himself as a knave
To be formed as human

Unto death He was obedient
Even on a cross to die
Therefore God thought it expedient
To raise Him up on high.

God gave Him the name above every name
For the reason I tell you now.
That at the sound of Jesus' name
Every knee would bow.

Knees in heaven, knees on earth
Knees underneath the ground
And every tongue confess the worth
Of the name which now I sound.

Jesus Christ, He is the Lord.
May God the Father be praised.
Salvation for us no longer is hard
Since Jesus Christ was raised.


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