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BIB 106—Life of Christ
0826705006 Aland, Kurt, ed. Synopsis of the Four Gospels - English Edition (Order # 102706) American Bible Society BIB 106 .04,.05
BIB 305—Galatians and Romans
0830829857 F.F. Bruce Tyndale Commentary on Romans Intervarsity Press BIB 305 .01
1565636716 Karl P. Donfried, ed. The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition Hendrickson Publishers BIB 305 .01
830814027 Guthrie, Donald New Testament Introduction Intervarsity BIB 303 .01
BIB 347—Scripture Interpretation
0-8010-2067-0 Henry A. Virkler Hermeneutics Baker Book House BIB 347 .01
0-195072979 (3rd ed.)
019516122X (4th ed.)
Bruce Metzger The Text of the New Testament, 3rd ed. or 4th ed. Oxford University Press BIB 347 .01
0664223168 Gordon D. Fee New Testament Exegesis, Third Ed. Westminister/John Knox Press BIB 347 .01
0-842383670 Philip W. Comfort, ed. The Origin of the Bible Tyndale House Publishers BIB 347 .01
BIB 315—Joshua-Esther
1565633997 R.K. Harrison Introduction to the Old Testament Hendrickson Publishers BIB 315 .01
0-82543825X Edwin R. Theile The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings Kregel BIB 315 .01
All 300/400 Level Classes
0-226-81627-3 Kate Turabian A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations Chicago All 300/400 level .01
0-87220-434-0 Gordon Harvey Writing with Sources Hackett Publishing Company All 300/400 level .01
All Classes

ESV, NASV, RSV, NRSV, NIV a study or reference Bible
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